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  • How to maintain the flatbed printer nozzle? | HYUNVAN
    How to maintain the flatbed printer nozzle? | HYUNVAN
    The print head is one of the most precise components on the UV flatbed printer.The print head is composed of many tiny nozzles as many as thousands of them. The diameter of the nozzles is smaller than that of fine dust particles. For inkjet printers, sometimes after a long period of use, users will find that the printed text or image has broken lines, color distortion, blurred handwriting, etc., and sometimes even failure to print such failures, often due to the printer The print head is blocked. Because dust, small debris, etc. enter the nozzle, the print head is likely to be blocked and cannot print and print normally. On the other hand, it is easy to cause the ink to not be ejected normally and accumulate on the print head panel. The panel part of the print head is contaminated by excessive ink, which will eventually cause abnormal ink ejection.
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