Product Advantages: your printing requirements in industrial-type:

Can collocate 4 high accuracy Ricoh Gen5 Gen6 printheads;

Can be with CISS(continuous ink-supply system) and high-speed printing in continuous and stable state.

Using high quality import spare parts, such as Panasonnic servo motor, PMI guide rail, Siemens and Schneider, etc.

With double 4 color, CMYK color, white color, spot color and etc. Over 10 kinds of combination;

With advanced Ultraprint, MainTop and etc. Color management software;

Intelligent servo driving of Y-axis control program, it can make the stepping precision get to0.03mm;

Hi-power, long life and environmental friendly LED-UV curing system


2. Humanized protection safety design:

Intelligent accidentally hit designing, protect printhead from damage;

With anti-static protection, reduce print misting;

With light leak device, cut down damages and improve efficiency


3. Humanized automatic control design

High efficiency Y-axis double null printing;

Can be with convenient adsorbed control function and make material not warping;

Independent switches control every circuit;

Automatic head protection device when shut down


4. With 10 kinds printing technologies for your choice

Two kinds embossed printing technologies: color+white, white+white...+color;

Four kinds white printing technologies: white background, spot colour white, fill color white, reverse white;

Four kinds printing modes: single color, dual-color, single while, double white


5.Import UV ink with different functions:

Import UV inks, nano ink particle do not plug, nice and fastness color, much more stability, meet you various requirement in printing.


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