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  • How to maintain UV printers during holidays? | HYUNVAN
    How to maintain UV printers during holidays? | HYUNVAN
    How to maintain UV printers during holidays?Starting on holidays, most machines do not work. Therefore, HYUNVAN UV PRINTER company is here to tell you how to maintain the UV printer during the holidays. Methods as below:1. Clean the guide rail and add lubricating oil;2. Drain the water in the UV lamp water tank and refill it when it is turned on at the end of the holiday. If the water tank is filled with antifreeze, it does not need to be replaced;3. If the Epson nozzle machine has been stored for more than half a month, please remove the nozzle and ink bag and wash it with cleaning fluid and empty the internal cleaning fluid, and then wrap it in a light-tight bag;4. Ricoh machine only needs to close the valve, and wipe the bottom of the nozzle with a non-woven cloth soaked in the cleaning liquid;5. The limit switch and grating strip are wiped clean with a non-woven cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol, and the appearance of the machine is cleaned of dust;6. Cut off the main power supply of the whole machine.
  • The printing effect of UV flatbed printer | HYUNVAN
    The printing effect of UV flatbed printer | HYUNVAN
    UV printer has a good future in inkjet industry and applied in many industriesIn recent years, the UV flatbed printers introduced in the printer market have won unanimous praise from users in the inkjet and color printing industries with their good performance and wide range of printing. They also have a good way of development and survival in the entire inkjet industry. This is mainly due to the fact that UV printing can perfectly realize personalized customized printing, following the trend of people's life, from simple graphic quick printing to today's personalized customization,.It achieves not only simple and traditional printing, but also arbitrary. You can print your favorite pictures on clothes, cups, wallets, glass, tiles, doors and windows, etc. anywhere you can think of.
  • Five factors affecting the effect of UV printer?| HYUNVAN
    Five factors affecting the effect of UV printer?| HYUNVAN
    When the UV flatbed printer's printing effect is not good, have you done a self-check? In addition to the device's own factors, there may be other reasons.
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