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What is the difference between RGB color and CMYK color when we use UV PRINTER?

The RGB mode is a color combination mode in which the three colors are superimposed to simulate the natural colors. The colors in our daily use such as color computer monitors, color televisions, etc. all use this mode. In the channel window when Photoshop uses RGB mode to edit images, we can see the three channels that make up this picture.

While when we use UV printer,In theory, it only need three primary colors, namely cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y), which can be combined into the largest color gamut, just like the RGB three primary colors of the display. However, because UV is used in the production process of ink, the purity of color will be limited due to its composition. Using CMY three-color ink can only produce dark brown close to pure black, and black (K) needs to be added to produce pure black when printing.


Therefore, UV printers that use UV ink as printing consumables must add black on the basis of the three-primary color theory, that is, using CMYK four primary colors as the printing model, also known as four-color or color printing in the industry. In addition, the six colors that are often heard in the market are that CMYK adds Lc (light blue) and Lm (light red), in order to make UV ink meet the scenes with high color requirements for printing patterns, such as the printing of advertising display materials, six The color model can make the color of the printed pattern more full, the transition is more natural, and the layering is obvious. In addition, as the market demands higher speed and printing effect of UV printers, some manufacturers have also introduced more color configurations and made some special colors other than six colors, but these are also constantly changing, The principle is the same as for the four-color and six-color models.

RGB presents colors by emitting light by itself, while CMYK presents colors by reflecting light from ink dots.
HYUNVAN UV printer can have a very good color control and the printing image is very real with CMYK LC LM basic inks,to show you a colorful world.


1.How long can we receive the UV Printer?

We deliver machines within10 working days after we get the deposit. Machine can be shipped by sea.


2.If you could make our brand on your machine?

Yes. We can put your Logo on both the machines and the packages when you meet the MOQ at 10 sets.


3.Whether you could make your machine with our color?

Yes, The color of machine can be customized if you meet our MOQ.


4) How to guarantee the quality of your machines?

1) ensure the brands parts quality ,and Strict quality control during the production.

2) Strict inspection ,running machine for 3 days before shipment and intact packaging ensured.


5) How about the machine installation if we don't know how to install?

Our engineers can speak English, we can help you install machine on line by remote control. Engineers can also go to your country to offer on-site training on machine. Besides, welcome to visit us, inspecting machine quality and getting technical training.


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