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Here are the differences between LED lamps and mercury lamps.

LED light source

1. LED has a long lifespan. At present, the LED packaged abroad can reach 80,000 hours, and the domestic LED is slightly shorter, which can reach 30,000-50000 hours.

2. The LED has narrow wavelength and high concentration, and the emitted light wavelength basically belongs to the absorption range of the photoinitiator in the ink.

3. The LED surface light source irradiates uniformly.

4. LED can easily adjust the radiation intensity, and adjust the corresponding power according to different materials.

High-pressure mercury lamp light source

1. The high-pressure mercury and halogen lamps are driven by high-voltage, high power consumption, and the power is mostly from several kilowatts to several tens of kilowatts, and they must be preheated after they are turned on. The lamp life is about 800-1000 hours.

2. Mercury lamps and halogen lamps have a large wavelength range, a large amount of heat, and low curing efficiency. The UV spectrum used for effective curing only accounts for a part of the energy, and a large part is infrared radiation, which easily deforms heat-sensitive workpieces.

3. Both the mercury lamp and the halogen lamp light source need to be equipped with cooling equipment, resulting in many auxiliary equipment and complicated operation, and at the same time increasing the operating cost. In addition, the performance of the cooling equipment plays an important role in the normal operation of the light source and will directly affect the curing effect.

4. Irradiation is uneven, along the length of the tube, the luminous intensity at both ends is weaker than the middle part, and it cannot illuminate uniformly. It cannot achieve uniform irradiation of flat objects, which makes the curing material absorb different light intensity, which affects the curing effect.

5. The adjustability is poor. The mercury lamp radiation intensity adjustment is generally realized by changing the number of light tubes in the multi-light source. The corresponding radiation intensity changes between a limited number of values, and the application is not flexible enough. For example, each position of a curved object can only be treated the same as one size fits all, and a fixed ultraviolet light is emitted, resulting in a significant difference in the light intensity absorbed by different positions on the curved surface, and the intensity of UV materials with different radiation requirements cannot be adjusted according to the requirements of the materials.

6. Mercury lamps and halogen lamps are polluted by heavy metals, which cause a burden on the surrounding environment.

Advantages of LED lights:

Energy saving: At present, the luminous efficiency of the 50-watt LED high bay lamp is above 5000lm, which is equivalent to the illuminance of a 150-watt high-pressure mercury lamp. It can also reduce the power consumption of about 20 watts of rectifiers, and the power saving rate reaches more than 50%.

Life: Based on the current technical level and test results, the life of LED high bay lights can reach 50,000 hours, while the life of traditional high-pressure mercury lamps is less than 5,000 hours. On average, it needs to be replaced once in less than a year, and some even It needs to be replaced every 3 months.

Environmental protection: Since there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, it is a green light source. Compared with previous high-pressure mercury lamps, LED lamps are mercury-free, waste can be recycled, and no pollution. To

Trend: The country has formally proposed to strongly support the LED industry and increase the application of LED street lamps and daylight industrial and mining lamps. The development of LEDs in the future is worth looking forward to.

From the above comprehensive comparison, it can be clearly seen that LED lamps have the following characteristics than high-pressure mercury lamps: saving money and energy, low overall cost, long service life, low surface humidity, safe and reliable, and environmentally friendly light source. The use of LED lights has no flicker, protects eyesight, and can be started instantly without waiting.

At present, HYUNVAN uv flatbed printers all use LED light sources. Under the condition of continuously satisfying users' printing needs, breakthrough technology updates have greatly reduced the cost of printing. Energy saving and environmental protection have become a major factor that users pay attention to.


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