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What are the application industries of UV printer? | HYUNVAN

The advantages of UV flatbed printers:

1. The original digital printing is only limited to flexible materials, and the printed flexible parts need to be glued to rigid materials. UV flatbed printer inkjet printing is much more economical, and the printing materials are specially processed before and after printing. Save a lot of manpower and material resources.

2. The UV flatbed printer supplements the shortcomings of traditional screen printing processes. It is not only used for small print jobs, but also for proofing or simulated image effects. Customers can choose the most suitable technology from a variety of processes.

3. The design and production process of the uv flatbed printer is simple, and it can even be operated by a single person to meet the immediate and desirable delivery needs of customers.

UV flatbed printer application industry:

Glass industry

The uv flatbed printer can directly print various patterns on the glass surface, instead of manual painting, to achieve a plateless, efficient, low-cost, and colorful instant processing process. The convenience of operation saves a lot of time for customers in the glass industry. Use this equipment Has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

Signage industry

The uv flatbed printer can directly print patterns on the surface of various hard sign materials, instead of screen printing, corrosion, filming and other traditional sign technology, which not only reduces the process, reduces the cost, but also increases the firmness. It is a power sign and a traffic sign. , The ideal equipment for manufacturers such as safety signs and reflective signs.

Decoration industry

HYUNVAN uv flatbed printer manufacturer making the printer ,can directly print the required patterns on the surface of various decorative materials such as ceiling, fireproof board, aluminum-plastic board, density board, stone, ceramic, glass, etc., to meet the needs of personalized decoration and bring considerable economic benefits to architectural decoration companies .


Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. Established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UV printing equipment. The company has a number of patents. At present, the company’s main products are : UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV hybrid printer. Products are widely used in the background wall decorative painting industry, advertising sign industry, furniture digital printing industry, glass crystal technology industry, packaging processing industry and so on. Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. focus on customers’ needs, with good stability ,high precision and fast speed. Products are ranging from economical and practical to high-end industrial, from standard format to large format customization, we provide comprehensive, product types for customers in different industries. The company has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has a complete R&D and production equipment system, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, and cultivates a well-trained R&D, production and after-sales team to continuously enhance the innovation strength of the company. Continuously improve product quality and Continuously improve service quality. Based on the tenet of “ Honesty is the foundation and win by quality”, the company focuses on the market demand, looking forward to the future ,takes the pragmatic innovation and serves the customers’ business

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