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What materials can HYUNVAN manufacturer 's uv flatbed printer (universal printer) print?

1.The glass industry. Glass has become one of the most difficult materials to print in the printing industry because of its smooth surface. Before the emergence of uv flatbed printers, the printing process for glass was very cumbersome. The coating needs to be processed before printing and after printing. Certain technical processing can guarantee the permanent and vivid printing effect. However, the application of HYUNVAN uv flatbed printers has brought good news to customers in the glass industry. With the HYUNVAN uv flatbed printer, you can print any pattern you want on the glass without any processing.

2.Ceramic tile industry. Due to the particular use of ceramic tiles, printing patterns on ceramic tiles has always been a problem in the printing industry. The waterproof, sun-proof, and scratch-resistant printing effects have become ideal effects for many ceramic tile industry bosses. HYUNVAN has been able to achieve this effect with the current UV flatbed printers through continuous research and development and testing.

3. Mobile phone shell. Since the launch of mobile phones in worldwide, there has been an upsurge in buying mobile phone protective cases in the market. Facing such a market, many businesses have also joined the mobile phone case printing and sales industry. But how to choose a mobile phone case that can really print the accuracy that suits the market needs has become a problem. Many manufacturers have purchased the single-head printers that were common in the market before, and finally discovered that such equipment is not only slow, but also not accurate to meet market needs. The uv flatbed printer developed by HYUNVAN uses Epson's fifth-generation dual print heads with an accuracy of up to 1440dpi, which not only makes up for the shortcomings of the slow speed of mobile phone case printers, but also meets the market demand for accuracy and speed.

4. Wooden boards. Many people will think, how can we print some unique patterns on such a large wooden board? Don't worry, HYUNVAN uv flatbed printer can easily print the patterns you want on wooden flatbeds such as wooden doors.

5. Leather industry. The surface printing of leather has always been a problem in the leather printing industry, because the leather is stretchable, and the printed pattern is stretched, and the pattern is not so perfect. HYUNVAN can solve this problem through technological innovation and the use of uv flatbed printers, and print high-quality pictures no matter how you stretch them, they will show perfect results.

6 Advertising industry. The advertising industry should use the most materials. In addition to the materials mentioned above, materials such as pvc, acrylic, etc. are also frequently used in the advertising industry. HYUNVAN's uv flatbed printers can not only be high-precision Printing on these materials also has the characteristics of scratch resistance, sun protection, and water resistance.

7. Rice paper, oil painting. The most widely used oil painting and rice paper painting are hotels, but the number of oil paintings required by a hotel is generally very large. If such a large number is only painted by hand, it will be a very big job. HYUNVAN's UV flatbed printer can print out the effect of oil painting, and the effect is lifelike, which greatly improves the work efficiency of hand-painted painters. In summary, HYUNVAN's UV flatbed printer (universal printer) can print a wide range of materials, and the materials that can be printed are not limited to these.


1.What are the requirements of installation environment?
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, reliable grounding, set the protection device of over-current and over-voltage, preferably with stable 5KVA power; Environment: with temperature 20~25℃, humidity 50%~80%, dustless, no directly sunlight, flat and stable floor surface.
2.What about the After-sales service ?
1. Provide customers with a systematic site layout proposal to ensure a smooth installation. 2. Provide free on-site training at the factory and second review training at the installation site; 3. The standard warranty period on average is one year. However, HYUNVAN would like to offer extra warranty period (consitions apply), lifetime maintenance.  4. We HYUNVAN can send engineers to help customers install the machines, train workers, but buyer should offer ticket charge, boarding and lodging .
3.How to deal with the surface of glass and ceramic tile? How to spray?
Glass and ceramic tile are both the commonly used materials. We have special coating for this materials and with perfect effect.  There are air pump spray, hand brushing, rolling spraying and various methods.


1.Accept non-standard customization ,  accept super large, super high, super heavy, cylindrical, special-shaped, super high-speed machine customization
2.After-sales service is perfect and fast,  The standard warranty period on average is one year. However, HYUNVAN would like to offer extra warranty period (conditions apply)
3.Color Accuracy- The international high-end color management system is adopted to ensure the color accuracy of each picture, and the independent ICC can be customized for you individually.
4.Professional technical research team, application program research and complete program output,  can develop a complete set of technology according to user needs, ceramic tile background wall, plastic PVC, glass, leather, metal, grating, 3D can realize three-dimensional printing at one time.


Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. Established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UV printing equipment. The company has a number of patents. At present, the company’s main products are : UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV hybrid printer. Products are widely used in the background wall decorative painting industry, advertising sign industry, furniture digital printing industry, glass crystal technology industry, packaging processing industry and so on. Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. focus on customers’ needs, with good stability ,high precision and fast speed. Products are ranging from economical and practical to high-end industrial, from standard format to large format customization, we provide comprehensive, product types for customers in different industries. The company has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has a complete R&D and production equipment system, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, and cultivates a well-trained R&D, production and after-sales team to continuously enhance the innovation strength of the company. Continuously improve product quality and Continuously improve service quality. Based on the tenet of “ Honesty is the foundation and win by quality”, the company focuses on the market demand, looking forward to the future ,takes the pragmatic innovation and serves the customers’ business

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