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is natural in color, smooth in lines and unique in structure. It can be worn with different styles of clothing, which is favored by consumers..
We aim to provide the highest quality roll to roll digital printing.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • How to distinguish between good and bad machines?  | HYUNVAN
    How to distinguish between good and bad machines? | HYUNVAN
    How to distinguish between good and bad machines?Customers want to buy a universal printer, how to distinguish between good and bad machines?1. Is it a professional universal UV printer manufacturer?At present, most sellers on the market sell flatbed printers along with them, while professional manufacturers basically only produce flatbed printers, and the sample showroom will only display flatbed printers.2. Machine accuracyFirst of all, I suggest you choose a universal flatbed printer to personally watch the printing process of the machine, and also the accuracy. Let the machine print one line each with fonts No. 2 to No. 10. After printing, check if the characters of each model are clear and neat. If the font is not clear, the edges are not neat or fuzzy, then the accuracy of this universal flatbed printer will be greatly compromised.Three, sample printing  If conditions permit, it is best to go directly to the seller’s sample department for on-site sample printing.Four, after-sales service capability What is the technical ability of the technical staff of the seller? Can you provide guaranteed services? These are all related to the mass production of customers, the customer's reputation, interests and brand image.
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