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  • How to save the cost of UV printing ink? | HYUNVAN
    How to save the cost of UV printing ink? | HYUNVAN
    https://www.uv-printers.com/products-detail-235961 the Advantage of UV printing ink 1. UV ink has high cost performanceUV ink has no solvent volatilization during the printing process, 100% of the solid material remains on the substrate, the color strength and dot structure remain basically unchanged, and a very thin ink layer thickness can achieve good printing results. Although the price of UV ink is higher than that of solvent-based ink, 1kg UV ink can print 70 square meters of printed matter, while 1kg of solvent-based ink can only print 30 square meters of printed matter.2. UV ink can be dried instantly, with high production efficiencyUnder the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, UV ink can be cured quickly and dried instantly. The printed products can be stacked and processed immediately. The production speed is 120~140m/min, and the storage area can be saved by 60%~80%.3. UV ink does not pollute the environmentThere is no volatile solvent in the UV ink, that is, a 100% solvent-free formula, so no organic volatiles are emitted into the air during the printing process, which complies with environmental regulations and also exempts solvent recycling costs.4. UV ink is safe and reliableUV ink is a system that does not use water and organic solvents. Once the ink is cured, the ink film is strong and chemically resistant, and there will be no breakage and peeling caused by contact with chemicals. UV ink is safe to use, saves insurance costs for users, and is suitable for packaging and printing products with high hygienic conditions such as food, beverage and medicine.
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