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  • How to avoid coating for UV flatbed printers? | HYUNVAN
    How to avoid coating for UV flatbed printers? | HYUNVAN
    What is the coating-free of UV flatbed printer? These three are difficult problems that plague new users. If the difference is not well understood, it is easy to cause a lot of trouble in the use of later equipment. Seriously, you may buy equipment that you can't use at all and waste money. In view of these two phenomena, the following is the solution hope to help everyone.Coating-free UV flatbed printer means that when printing part of the material, it can start printing without pre-pressing the surface of the material. It does not mean that all materials can be printed without coating, and there are conditions for this coating-free printing.For example, the surface of plastic materials can be free of coating, such as mobile phone shells and notebook shells. Common gypsum ceilings in building materials can also be printed without coating; but some cannot be printed without coating, such as glass, glazed tiles, metal and other high-density and smooth materials that cannot be directly printed.
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