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  • What is the principle of UV printer grating ruler? | HYUNVAN
    What is the principle of UV printer grating ruler? | HYUNVAN
    What is the principle of UV printer grating ruler? The working principle of common gratings is based on the physical formation principle of moiré fringes. When two grating rulers are placed at an angle between the line pattern on the indicating grating and the line pattern on the ruler grating, the lines on the two grating rulers will inevitably cross each other.Under the illumination of the light source, the black line pattern overlaps in the small area near the intersection, so the shading area is the smallest, and the shading effect is the weakest. The cumulative effect of light makes this area a bright band. On the contrary, in the area farther from the intersection, the overlapping part of the opaque black lines of the two scales becomes less and less, and the area of the opaque area gradually becomes larger, that is, the shading area gradually becomes larger, making the light blocking effect stronger. Only a small amount of light can pass through this area through the grating, making this area appear a dark band, thus forming the moiré fringe we see.
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