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  • What is the key to the technology of UV printer? | HYUNVAN
    What is the key to the technology of UV printer? | HYUNVAN
    What is the key to the technology of UV flatbed printers?SprinklerFlatbed printer nozzles belong to inkjet printing. The nozzles that occupy most of the international flatbed printer market are Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Konica, etc. The nozzles are high in precision and belong to the key technology. Since they are exported from abroad, the price is also relatively expensive. Nowadays, mature nozzles basically use negative pressure inkjet technology, which drives ink to eject through a negative pressure system. It has the advantages of regular ink drop shape, no sputtering, controllable ink drop size and inkjet speed, and elementary inkjet imaging accuracy. It belongs to the normal temperature and pressure inkjet technology.Printhead board technologyAccording to the number and types of print heads to develop appropriate board card technology, a popular example: the more high-end and top-level print heads, the more technical barriers there are, and only a professional technical team can do it well. The more expensive the nozzle, the higher the technical requirements.Hardware construction technologyThis includes a lot of hardware of the fuselage, and different manufacturers have different technologies, such as automatic machine height measurement, ink reflow, alarm system, water-cooled LED-UV lamp, negative pressure adjustment system, etc., of course, it also includes structural stability technology, frame Wait. These technologies all underpin the printing of the nozzle.Color software technologyFlatbed printers are semi-automatically printed by computer control, and printing software is needed. Good color software can restore the color of the pattern more realistically, increase the color difference, and show richer colors. There are domestic and foreign export color software. . In addition to nozzles, other central technologies jointly determine the price of UV flatbed printer manufacturers. This is also the reason why the prices of flatbed printers are different. Don't forget the board, color software, and hardware configuration.
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