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  • Prospects of UV printers in the ceramic tile wall | HYUNVAN
    Prospects of UV printers in the ceramic tile wall | HYUNVAN
    Prospects of UV printers in the ceramic tile wallThe ceramic tile background wall printed by UV flatbed printers is a popular and popular decorative material in recent years as a symbol of its beauty, high-end and taste. Now the ceramic tiles on the market have achieved the environmental protection standard of low radiation and no harm to the human body. Can be applied to entertainment places: hotel restaurants, cinemas, opera houses, karaoke KTV, performing arts halls, nightclubs, audio-visual rooms, studios and other wall decoration; home decoration: entrance, kitchen, bedroom wall, sofa background wall, family living room TV background Home decoration and decoration of walls, etc., using universal printer printing technology, you can color-print or engrave any favorite pattern on the ceramic tile, so that every conventional ceramic tile becomes a piece of art. It is mainly used in the living room, office, and bedroom. The wall can reflect one's own image and style. The effect of the decoration is very high-end. You can customize it according to your favorite decoration styles, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style, etc., or according to the actual size of the family decoration. You can choose your own patterns and experience the unique decoration style.
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