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The product produces little heat during operation. During the production process, it will be equipped with a substrate with heat dissipation performance, playing a role of cooling. .
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  • How about the after-sales service of HYUNVAN  | HYUNVAN
    How about the after-sales service of HYUNVAN | HYUNVAN
    At present, the market prospect of uv flatbed printers is great. The main reason is that the printing cost of uv flatbed printers is low, the production process is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, single-piece printing, and small batches can also be processed and produced. Too high, automated printing. One person can operate several flatbed printers, which can reduce costs in terms of personnel. Moreover, the application range of the tablet machine is relatively wide, mainly used in the field of art decoration, building material decoration, advertising industry, leather printing, screen printing industry, reflective sign, sign, acrylic, flat inkjet, KT plate inkjet, aluminum plastic Board printing, gusset printing, etc., light box printing, toilet cover, etc., can be said to be omnipotent, as long as it is a flat material or a small height difference, you can print directly!However, due to the universal nature of the uv printer, many customers are buying more and more machines to start businesses. With the increase in purchases, many small manufacturers and agents increase accordingly, which has caused the uv printer market to be more chaotic. , Many machines are sold but the quality is not good. Many problems often occur and there are no authentic engineers to repair them, which makes customers worry about after-sales problems when they buy machines.Which tablet machine UV PRINTER has a good after-sales service? 
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