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  • Why is there no warranty for UV printer nozzles? | HYUNVAN
    Why is there no warranty for UV printer nozzles? | HYUNVAN
    HYUNVAN UV printer manufacturer worked with the ESPON ,RICOH,TOSHIBA,KONICA brands.1) the Printheads' model is EPSON L1440,DX5,DX8,XP600,RICOH Gen5,RICOH Gen6,Toshiba CE4, Konica 512i, 1024i ;2) the Printheads' feature as below:EPSON printheads includes - 4 colors and 6 colors models are optionalRICOH Gen5 Industrial printhead- 7PL Varible ink droplet,very high and quick precision printing effectRICOH Gen6 Industrial printhead- 5PL Varible ink droplet, quicker printing speed and high precision printing effectToshiba CE4 with 5PL varible ink droplet,high precision printingKonica 512i has 512 nozzles.printing frequency is increased by more than 4 times.Konica 1024i Industrial printhead-13PL ink droplet,high precision printingFollowing we will explain "Why is there no warranty for UV printer nozzles?"
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