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In the hot summer, UV printer maintenance tips | HYUNVAN

UV printer maintenance in Summer is as below,

1)temperature control

If the temperature is too high, some UV printers will have ink flying or fuzzing. It is recommended to control the indoor temperature. The UV machine should be placed in a cool, backlit corner, and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. The suitable indoor temperature is 15℃~30℃, and the humidity is 40%~70%. If the working environment of the UV printer is too hot, please install cooling equipment in the workshop.

2)Print test

Due to the high temperature weather, the ink evaporates quickly. The UV printer is turned on and prints about one square meter of material every day. Check whether the printing effect is normal, so as to prevent the nozzle from clogging and damaging the nozzle.

3)Perform power-off moisturizing
When the UV printer is not working for a long time, you can choose to cut off the power and keep the machine in the standby state, so the temperature will rise.

Clean in time

4)On a weekly basis, it is important to clean the inside and outside of the UV printer, especially in key positions such as the head and guide rails. The position of the flat wire must be checked every day when the machine is turned on, and timely confirm whether the surface is clean, whether the connection is tight and not loose.Finally, as a high-precision printing equipment, UV printers must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during its work, so that the equipment can work more stably.

Hyunvan UV printer manufacturer,UV LED Light printing machines are guaranteed to be stable and reliable.

What is the difference between Toshiba printerhead and Ricoh printerhead?

Four differences: 
1) accuracy: Toshiba CE
sprinkler 5PL, Ricoh G5 sprinkler 7PL, the latter nozzle hole is large; 
2) price: Toshiba ce sprinkler ,USD860/pcs,Ricoh G5 sprinkler USD2000/pcs,the latter price is much higher. 
3) speed: Toshiba sprinkler is no more than 60% of Ricoh sprinkler; 
4) life: Toshiba sprinkler 1 -1.5 year. Ricoh G5 sprinkler 2-3 years.

Ricoh came to China market from year 2013, earlier than Toshiba. In fact with the working test, the life of Ricoh can be 2-3 years. While Toshiba is only 1 year. 5)Ricoh G5 and Toshiba CE4 sprinkler difference .                 

Ricoh G5 sprinkler entered the Chinese uv printer market at the end of 13 years. So far, most uv printer manufacturers have adopted Ricoh G5 sprinkler at market price. USD2000/ unit Recently.
Take a look at the parameters of GEN5 sprinkler: using metal sprinkler nozzle nozzle, 
the average service life is 2-3 years, twice as long as the same kind of sprinkler. Gen5 / 7 ≤ 35PL, 1280 nozzles, 8 grayscale, print width: 54mm, ignition frequency: 60KHZ, physical accuracy: 600 DPI.                      

The Toshiba sprinkler model used in uv printer is generally Toshiba CE4, the market price is USD860 per unit. 
Take a look at the parameters of Toshiba CE4 sprinkler: Toshiba CE4 / 6 ≤ 42PL, 636 nozzles, 8 grayscale, print width 53.6mm, ignition frequency: 17.9KHZ, physical accuracy: 300 DPI,
nozzle life 1 year


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