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8 advantages of Ricoh G5 print head | HYUNVAN

Why HYUNVAN UV PRINTER Manufaturer , Uv flatbed Printer ,UV roll to roll Printer ,UV hybrid Printer ,UV Printing machine, all prefer to RICOH GEN5 Printheads?

There are 8 advantages of Ricoh G5 print head

1. Ricoh G5 print head adopts grayscale piezoelectric print head, variable ink drop printing, minimum 7PL, maximum 35pl, photo-level accuracy, can clearly print 2mm height fonts, maximum resolution 1200*600dpi, maximum 1200*1200 12pass accuracy For printing, the positioning of the nozzle carriage adopts a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision printing positioning. The light platform makes it easier to reprint the sheet, more accurate positioning, and repeat printing without deviation.

2. The material of the Ricoh nozzle itself is made of all-steel nozzles, which are not easy to corrode and block the nozzles. The nozzle cleaning method is used for automatic cleaning. The piston cleaning method is not easy to cause damage to the nozzles. The nozzles and the cable are integrated. The wire is in stable contact with the nozzle, and there will be no loosening of the wire. Ricoh nozzle printing can be divided into single and double row inkjet, the ink control is very good, single and double rows can be changed to print fast or slow.

3. Ricoh print head adopts intelligent X-direction and Y-direction white jump printing, automatically recognizes blank areas and quickly skips, supports multiple copy printing and area printing, which is convenient for batch printing of small pictures and sample printing of large pictures. Supports resume printing, which is used to resume printing for printing tasks that the user has stopped printing tasks or exited due to an error during the printing process. Support mirror printing function to realize double-sided printing. Double zero positioning function (double starting point printing), the printer can print from the beginning or the end. Realize reverse printing and alternate forward and reverse printing, which further improves production efficiency and does not waste any useful materials.

4. Humanized design, automatic medium thickness measurement and automatic height control system adopts a fully closed loop control mode, which can automatically adapt to media of different thicknesses and avoid damage caused by human misoperation. With the automatic white jump printing function that significantly improves the production efficiency, it can automatically identify and avoid the blank part of the screen. The irradiation power of the two UV lamps can be set, and the two-way printing will automatically rotate according to the round-trip direction, which can effectively reduce the depth of the pass The powerful nozzle compensation function can replace the malfunctioning nozzle with the normal nozzle for inkjet printing to ensure that the screen will not appear white or pass. Equipped with powerful intelligent and humanized RIP software, different pictures can be output after overlapping. It greatly facilitates the daily proofing and color comparison work, and the shipping efficiency is greatly improved. Optional software template printing technology solves the error problem in splicing, so that the splicing error is less than 0.5mm. The optional assembly line printing mode adapts to industrialized online generation. The cart media anti-collision device can automatically stop when it touches the media to protect the cart nozzle .

5. Stable and reliable, the entire series of digital printing equipment is designed according to the 24 hours * 7 days generation operation mode, and various durable components that meet the requirements of industrial production are selected, especially the use of industrial-grade nozzles, which can be used with care and maintenance. Last 3-5 years.

6. Save ink up to 30%-50%. Because the grayscale printhead adopts variable dot technology, the four-color printing effect is the same as the six-color print without grayscale printhead. The reason is that the printhead without grayscale prints Where the color is dark, it will be printed in dark color, such as KCMY, and where the color is light, it will be printed in light color, such as LmLc, but whether it is printing a dark color or a light color, the size of the ink droplet of the nozzle is the same, but Because light colors contribute less to the color and appear lighter, but Ricoh print heads use grayscale printing. The lighter area is printed with 7pl, which means that the grayscale printing technology adjusts the size of the ink droplets to adapt to the changes in the color depth of the image, so that the use of ink can be reduced, while ordinary printing is to adapt to the image by adding light-colored ink. The amount of ink used will be larger when the color changes.

7. Environmental protection, using environmentally friendly UV-curable inks that do not contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)-a new trend in the future!

8. It is widely used. Because UV curing ink can be directly printed on various materials, it can partially replace the application of traditional silk screen printing, and obtain richer colors and higher efficiency than silk screen printing, so it can break through traditional craftsmanship in personalized products The processing field has made rapid development, such as: glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, PVC board, corrugated board, plastic, etc.


1.How could you do the effect of tri-dimensional embossed?
The solid effect can be achieved by two methods:  (1) changes the printing material: achieve the embossed effect through engraving machine or material itself texture, then use our UV flatbed printer to print in contraposition;  (2)we are with 3D stereo embossed printing technology. use white inks to print several times and make them pile up, to get the relief effect.  The difference of this two methods are:  the former method allows bigger height difference of three-dimensional effect, but with higher cost;  the later with height difference limits, but can be piled up repeatedly when prints, and convenient operation technologies and coast can be controlled, but also with very good performance.
2.Do you have showroom, can you supply samples printing or proofing with free of charges?
Yes we have showroom with different types of machines. Sincerely welcome you to visit. You can send the printing media or files to us directly , we will send you the printing samples .
3.How long does the print-head working life?
A print-head can be used 2 years in regular working conditions.


1.HYUNVAN UV printers meet your printing requirements in industrial-type:

Can collocate with 2~4  high accuracy Ricoh printheads, ink dripping variable technique, steel structure;


Can be with CISS(continuous ink-supply system) and high-speed printing in continuous and stable state.

Using high quality import spare parts, such as Leadshine servo motor, HIWIN guide rail, Siemens and Schneider, etc.

With double 4 color, CMYK color, white color, spot color and etc. Over 10 kinds of combination;

With advanced Ultraprint, MainTop and etc. Color management software;

Intelligent servo driving of Y-axis control program, it can make the stepping precision get to0.03mm;

Hi-power, life long and environmental friendly LED-UV curing system

2. Humanized protection safety design:

Intelligent accidentally hit designing, protect printhead from damage;

With anti-static protection, reduce print misting;

With light leak device, cut down damages and improve efficiency

3. Humanized automatic control design

High efficiency Y-axis double null printing;

Can be with convenient adsorbed control function and make material not warping;

Independent switches control every circuit;

Automatic head protection device when shut down

4. With 10 kinds printing technologies for your choice

Two kinds embossed printing technologies: color+white, white+white...+color;

Four kinds white printing technologies: white background, spot colour white, fill color white, reverse white;

Four kinds printing modes: single color, dual-color, single while, double white

5.Import UV ink with different functions:

Import UV inks, do not plug, nice and fastness color, much more stability, meet you various requirement in printing.



Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. Established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UV printing equipment. The company has a number of patents. At present, the company’s main products are : UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV hybrid printer. Products are widely used in the background wall decorative painting industry, advertising sign industry, furniture digital printing industry, glass crystal technology industry, packaging processing industry and so on. Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. focus on customers’ needs, with good stability ,high precision and fast speed. Products are ranging from economical and practical to high-end industrial, from standard format to large format customization, we provide comprehensive, product types for customers in different industries. The company has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has a complete R&D and production equipment system, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, and cultivates a well-trained R&D, production and after-sales team to continuously enhance the innovation strength of the company. Continuously improve product quality and Continuously improve service quality. Based on the tenet of “ Honesty is the foundation and win by quality”, the company focuses on the market demand, looking forward to the future ,takes the pragmatic innovation and serves the customers’ business

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