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HYUNVAN FLATBED UV PRINTERS FACTORY will explain the characteristics of our vacuum suction platform as below,

We use Jinggong vacuum suction platform,it is an aluminum honeycomb structure, made of aluminum alloy material, and the surface has extremely high flatness. In addition to the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panel, such as light weight, high strength, high rigidity, bending resistance, and flexural resistance, this platform It has the advantages of high flatness, small deflection value, large absorption force, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.

The detailed advantages are as follows:

1. The large board surface is high and flat

The maximum board size of the vacuum suction platform can reach 5000*3200mm (over this size can be spliced). It has excellent flatness and deflection. The flatness is generally controlled within 20 wires, with a minimum of 10 wires; the deflection value is less than 10 wires under an afterburner of 50 kg.

 Aluminum honeycomb panel structure, high strength, low weight

2. Light weight and heavy load

Jingong vacuum suction platform adopts high-quality aluminum honeycomb structure, all use aluminum alloy materials, the density per square meter is about 25-35 kg, and it is used with the integrated welding frame of HYUNVAN gantry milling, and the load-bearing 100 kg per square meter does not deform.

Hard oxidized surface, scratch and abrasion resistance

The gantry milling integral welding frame is used, and the load-bearing capacity of 100 kg per square meter is not deformed.

3. Large suction power and uniform suction power

The vacuum suction platform is optimized to ensure that the performance of the platform is not affected, but also to make the suction force at any position of the platform uniform.

The platform comes with a scale to place the printed objects more accurately

4. Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance

Jinggong vacuum suction platform has a variety of treatment processes, including fluorocarbon PVDF powder spraying, anodizing, and hard oxidation. Among them, the hard oxidation process is the most scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and its surface hardness can reach HV500- 700.


1.What’s the cost for printing one square meter?
The requirement of inks volume is different because of different printing accuracy and quality.  The commonly algorithm of this industry is: one square meter consumption is 10~12ml if completely spraying, it will be in lower ink consumption if in light color or incomplete inkjet printing.
2.How could you do the effect of tri-dimensional embossed?
The solid effect can be achieved by two methods:  (1) changes the printing material: achieve the embossed effect through engraving machine or material itself texture, then use our UV flatbed printer to print in contraposition;  (2)we are with 3D stereo embossed printing technology. use white inks to print several times and make them pile up, to get the relief effect.  The difference of this two methods are:  the former method allows bigger height difference of three-dimensional effect, but with higher cost;  the later with height difference limits, but can be piled up repeatedly when prints, and convenient operation technologies and coast can be controlled, but also with very good performance.
3.What are the requirements of installation environment?
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, reliable grounding, set the protection device of over-current and over-voltage, preferably with stable 5KVA power; Environment: with temperature 20~25℃, humidity 50%~80%, dustless, no directly sunlight, flat and stable floor surface.


1.With 10 years of accumulated technology and experience, the machine is more practical and durable. Leading quality.  Successfully sold to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries, and welcomed by customers from domestic and worldwide.
2.Color Accuracy- The international high-end color management system is adopted to ensure the color accuracy of each picture, and the independent ICC can be customized for you individually.
3.After-sales service is perfect and fast,  The standard warranty period on average is one year. However, HYUNVAN would like to offer extra warranty period (conditions apply)
4.Professional technical research team, application program research and complete program output,  can develop a complete set of technology according to user needs, ceramic tile background wall, plastic PVC, glass, leather, metal, grating, 3D can realize three-dimensional printing at one time.


Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. Established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UV printing equipment. The company has a number of patents. At present, the company’s main products are : UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV hybrid printer. Products are widely used in the background wall decorative painting industry, advertising sign industry, furniture digital printing industry, glass crystal technology industry, packaging processing industry and so on. Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. focus on customers’ needs, with good stability ,high precision and fast speed. Products are ranging from economical and practical to high-end industrial, from standard format to large format customization, we provide comprehensive, product types for customers in different industries. The company has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has a complete R&D and production equipment system, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, and cultivates a well-trained R&D, production and after-sales team to continuously enhance the innovation strength of the company. Continuously improve product quality and Continuously improve service quality. Based on the tenet of “ Honesty is the foundation and win by quality”, the company focuses on the market demand, looking forward to the future ,takes the pragmatic innovation and serves the customers’ business

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