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So what causes the printer to fly ink? 
Is there any way to solve this problem?

HYUNVAN UV PRINTING MACHINE MANUFACTURER get five common causes and corresponding solutions for uv universal flatbed printer nozzles to fly ink.

Reason 1: The nozzle of the UV printer device is disconnected

Solution: Print a test strip and check the condition of the nozzle. If it is found to be clogged or weakened, it is necessary to clean the passage of the nozzle to keep it unobstructed.

Reason 2: The distance between the UV printer nozzle and the substrate is too high

The reasonable height is generally below 10cm, and the distance between the jetting force of different nozzles and the substrate is between 1mm-20mm. If it exceeds the spray force range of the nozzle itself, it will cause ink flying.

Solution: Reduce the distance between the print head and the substrate.

Reason 3: The printed items are uneven

For some items, the material is not completely flat, that is, the print head must be kept at about 2mm from the highest point of the material.

Solution: You need switch to high-jet waveform printing to increase the printing jet strength and reduce the printing speed at the same time.

Reason 4: The voltage of the uv printer nozzle is too high

If the voltage displayed by the indicator light of the print head board is red, it will alarm. If this happens, you need lower the voltage of the print head.

Solution: If it is a modified circuit board, you need change the circuit.

Reason 5: Static electricity generated during printing

In the case of a dry environment and low humidity, static electricity is likely to occur, causing static electricity between the nozzle and the material.

Solution: Add a ground wire and add an electrostatic rod.

With the technological innovation and progress of the entire industry, the application range of UV printers has become wider and wider, and it has also been recognized by more corporate structures. For example, the ink flying problem of the UV printer during the printing process will cause great troubles to the production efficiency. 

Once this problem occurs, the ink flying problem of the UV printer should be solved in time, which will bring higher efficiency to production and also for users Create value far beyond the equipment itself.


1.How long does the print-head working life?
A print-head can be used 2 years in regular working conditions.
2.Do you have showroom, can you supply samples printing or proofing with free of charges?
Yes we have showroom with different types of machines. Sincerely welcome you to visit. You can send the printing media or files to us directly , we will send you the printing samples .
3.How to deal with the surface of glass and ceramic tile? How to spray?
Glass and ceramic tile are both the commonly used materials. We have special coating for this materials and with perfect effect.  There are air pump spray, hand brushing, rolling spraying and various methods.


1.One-stop purchase of more than ten kinds of printing formats,  6000M2 production workshop, more than ten kinds of printing formats, and 3 kinds of ultra-high-precision printing nozzles. One-stop purchase is more assured.
2.After-sales service is perfect and fast,  The standard warranty period on average is one year. However, HYUNVAN would like to offer extra warranty period (conditions apply)
3.Color Accuracy- The international high-end color management system is adopted to ensure the color accuracy of each picture, and the independent ICC can be customized for you individually.
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Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. Established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UV printing equipment. The company has a number of patents. At present, the company’s main products are : UV flatbed printer, UV roll to roll printer, UV hybrid printer. Products are widely used in the background wall decorative painting industry, advertising sign industry, furniture digital printing industry, glass crystal technology industry, packaging processing industry and so on. Suzhou Hyunvan Intellitech Co.,Ltd. focus on customers’ needs, with good stability ,high precision and fast speed. Products are ranging from economical and practical to high-end industrial, from standard format to large format customization, we provide comprehensive, product types for customers in different industries. The company has adhered to the road of independent innovation for many years. The company has a complete R&D and production equipment system, attaches great importance to product quality and new product development, and cultivates a well-trained R&D, production and after-sales team to continuously enhance the innovation strength of the company. Continuously improve product quality and Continuously improve service quality. Based on the tenet of “ Honesty is the foundation and win by quality”, the company focuses on the market demand, looking forward to the future ,takes the pragmatic innovation and serves the customers’ business

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